Sending out a mail-piece to hundreds of clients can be a little complicated at times. We'll handle everything so you can be sure your mailing will reach their intended destination.

The United States Postal Service offers a couple methods for getting your large mailers out there: Direct Mail & EDDM. They both have their strong points that can be leveraged to your advantage.


Direct Mailing

This is a "regular mail" (first class or standard). For this type of mail, you will need to have a mailing list and we will print the individual addresses onto the mail-piece.

Direct Mailing allows you to target a niche market by segmenting your list in include qualified prospects only.

Postage Cost usually runs $0.255 - $0.539 per piece for standard mail.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

This is a special type of mailing offered by the United States Postal Service. Instead of using a mailing list, EDDM lets youhave your mail delivered to individual neighborhoods by carrier routes.

EDDM lets everyone in a specific geographic area know bout your business.

Postage Cost usually runs $0.154 - $0.176 per piece.


Custom Hand-Addressing

Have something special which requires that extra-personal touch?

With our hand-addressing service, our calligraphy/lettering artist can guarantee a unique and elegant style that no printer can replicate.